One company, four generations on, and still a huge success since 1901.



The success of Jan van Duuren & Zn BV started on 1 August 1901, when Nico van Duuren took a chance to takeover a business. He went to the solicitor’s office to sign the papers, and the adventure started.


Unfortunately, Nico died during the Second World War. The business was left to his seven sons. In 1948, one of the sons, Jan, bought a lorry, and the business started to grow.


In 1975, Rob van Duuren took over the company. The company grew with the times and was led to even bigger success.


Since 2005, Robert-Jan, Rob van Duuren’s son, has been in charge of Jan van Duuren & Zn BV. Robert-Jan is the fourth generation of the Van Duuren family to lead the moving and transport company. His goal is to grow the company, but not always. Growth should never be at the expense of quality.

We Van Duuren’s have a name to keep, which I will certainly do. I owe it to my grandfather Jan – who is always looking over my shoulder – and to my children. They can always count on me, that’s for sure.

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